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Don't forget to remember
Make every effort
Seeing life from His perspective
Vantage Point
Praying through Scripture
The Free Gift of Eternal Life
What is the normal Christian life
Did Peter really say those words
Are you a Mary or a Martha ?
Coming to the living Stone
Reasons to Trust in God
Reasons for having hope in a world that is not our home
Ruth Chapter 4
A tale of two Kings
No Reserves of Grace
Make me an offering
David and Goliath
The Power of The Cross
God looks at the heart
Agag must die
Saul becomes Israel's first King
Providence, Provision and Assurance.
Israel wants a King
Thus far the LORD has helped us
Spiritual Gifts
Great. Big. God
The Ark is captured
Why believe in the Resurrection
God calling
A child enters ministry
The God who cares for us
The God of Hope
Called to be a Beacon
All about perspective
If God wasn't in it, could we win it ?
King Jesus
Why would you do any of that ?
Conundrum : Power and Purpose
Conundrum : God's Sovereignty meets mans free will
Some questions Google can't answer
Do you have eyes but fail to see, and ears but fail to hear?
Fan into Flames
Choose love
(They say) there is no Resurrection
God does not teach us new truth if we have rejected the truth He has already revealed.
The King is coming in
The Kingdom of Heaven is like
Salvation is a free gift...but it cost Him Everything
Set apart for you my Master
You are not what you think you are, but what you think, you are
The disappointment of the unopened gift
The Good Samaritan
Marriage, children and possessions
Are these the hardest words ever spoken by Jesus
Lord I believe, help me in my unbelief
The God Shaped Hole
45 year journey
Feeding of the 4000
Don't hear what I am not saying
Every outward act of sin begins with an inward act of choice
And He would have passed them by
Unrealised Expectations
The storms of life
Dead girl and sick woman
What is your name
God doesn't drop bombs
Do you hear the heartbeat of the Gospel
Mary our example
Great Expectations
Compassionate, Forgiving and Bringer of Hope
Compassionate God
Good News
Pick and Mix
Running our Race
Believers and Fleeces
Easter Service