2018 was our busiest year with more than 33,000 meals delivered .
Foodbank is a busy part of church life.  Averaging 25,000 meals per year since startup in December 2012, it means we have now delivered more than  133,000 meals to local referred residents in short term hunger crisis.  These staggering figures could not have been achieved or maintained without our amazing volunteers, church partners, Derbyshire Council and local Supermarkets.

New Hope Food Bank is one of the community focused outreaches undertaken by New Hope Community Church demonstrating the love of God to our community.  The foodbank compliments our existing ministries of Furniture packs for those affected by domestic violence and/or homelessness, CAP and Grow.  We partner with professional agencies and are supported by Councils, Schools, Supermarkets, Churches and Businesses across the area.

What we do
We provide emergency food to individuals and families who are in short term crisis who are referred to us by our professional partners. We will provide and deliver 21 meals per family member, per week, this is usually within 24 hours of our coordinator receiving the referral.  We have partnering churches in Dronfield, Eckington, Swallownest, and Hackenthorpe holding food parcels to ensure prompt delivery.  

Our aim

To show the love and hope of God by serving our neighbours in times of need and supporting their efforts towards stability.
The aim of the food bank is to provide emergency food to people in short term crisis. It is a simple concept designed to help people in short term crisis by offering free emergency food for seven days for up to four visits (longer if the crisis is not resolved provided the client is working with relevant agencies to resolve their situation.)  

When you are on a low income and have no financial safety net, a sudden crisis such as bereavement, ill health redundancy or marital break up, can leave you unable to feed yourself or your family.  Such situations can then deteriorate in to something far worse. New Hope Food Bank works to help people who find themselves in these situations by directing them to relevant agencies.  The immediate practical help provided by New Hope Food Bank gives the client and the referral agency breathing space to work together to resolve the underlying problems.

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