Join us on Sunday for a time of prayer, worship, teaching and fellowship. 

About this Event

We are pleased to announce that we are resuming worship physically in our church building on the 21st March, but we will also continue to upload the service so that you can participate in worship from home if you wish. Here are important guidelines about our re-opening.

Please read carefully as every sentence is important:

In compliance with Government guidelines as regards social distancing, we will set out seating to take into account family units, bubbles and single attendees.

This will be on a first-come-first-served basis. This means you and/or your family will need to register online, every week if you would like to attend, booking will be available from the Monday of each week. Spaces are limited so register early! 

What We Are Doing?

We are restricting attendance to our building’s capacity with consideration of 2m by 2m social distancing rules because we are committed to providing a safe worship experience.

Please be ready to answer questions posed by the Ushers and Welcome team at the entrance.

We have provided antibacterial and antiviral dispensers in the building.

We will be cleaning and sanitising all high contact surfaces between services.

We will leave entry and exit doors open to reduce contact with surfaces. please do not touch the barriers. the ushers will do this.

What You Can Do To Help?

Please stay home if you are feeling unwell (i.e., fever, cough, loss of smell or taste, difficulty breathing, or if you have taken paracetamol in the last 48hrs, etc).

Sanitise your hands immediately after entering the building and when exiting the building.

Please sit only with the people of your household/Bubble. The ushers will direct you to your designated seat, all seats will have a number for ease of identification.

Maintain a physical distance of 2 meters (6 ft) with individuals who are not members of your household.

Please refrain from hugging, shaking hands, or any other forms of physical contact. Smiles and waves are perfect!

We encourage you to wear a mask when approaching the building and keep it on during service.

Arrive early for service so that you can have the total experience as the services will be restricted to 1 hour.

After registering, you will receive an email confirmation. Please bring this to church (on your phone or on paper). Please contact us ASAP if you don't receive this .